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SETLab is a social incubator for women and young people in Nigeria, offering educational courses and entrepreneurial-focused mentorship efforts in the areas of Cultural Heritage, Arts, and Technology. The goal of SETLab is to contribute to Socio Economic development in Nigeria and help communities thrive in a digital economy. After the completion of the courses, participants are awarded EducationNIGERIA Certificate of Participation.


Dr.Ladi Kwali Foundation

The Dr. Ladi Kwali Foundation is a CAC-registered nonprofit organization that operates under the umbrella of the Dr. Ladi Kwali Center. The Foundation is named after the late Dr. Ladi Kwali, a well-known potter who contributed to the growth of the economy and the betterment of the lives of women, youths, and children in Nigeria and throughout the world. The Foundation will continue to carry out her legacy.

Our Projects


Dr.Ladi Kwali Summit

The Dr.Ladi Kwali Summit is an annual international event that features renowned speakers, business professionals, and thought leaders in the space of arts and culture, sciences, research & development and cutting edge technologies that will promote global change.


POTLAMP Media House

POTLAMP Media House is a publication that focuses on bringing the spotlight to women and youth whose efforts are bringing forth innovation, leadership, and a positive impact for the local community and global economy at large.


Education NIGERIA

EducationNIGERIA is an initiative that makes complex ideas simple for everyone through inclusive education! It’s a platform that focuses on relevant topics that promote economic growth and wellbeing such as health, financial literacy, leadership, business and technology. EducationNIGERIA helps improve people's academic skills and introduce new career by connecting students to world leading institutions and international organizations.